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Submit a digital ad

  • Minimum for a banner ad is 50,000 a month. If you didn't sell this by impressions, answer 0 (zero).
  • What are the TOTAL number of impressions that you sold for this ad? (Example: if you sold 5,000 a month for 10 months, that would be 50,000 TOTAL impressions.)
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  • You can choose to front-load your impressions or space them evenly throughout the duration of the ad.
  • Select which of our digital properties you would like your ad placed. RUN OF NETWORK includes everything below it.
  • Will the ad be running on all pages in all markets, or are you targeting a specific DMA(s)?
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  • If you click on the ad, which website do they want it to go to?
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    Accepted file types: png, jpg, mp3, mp4.
    Please make sure your ad is the correct dimensions and in the right format. For digital billboards, the format is PNG or JPG. For audio/video - mp3, mp4. ONCE YOU CLICK SUBMIT, YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITHIN 10 MINUTES.